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Miles Shooting!

Can You Shoot an Arrow Through an Epic Fantasy Novel?

Watch Miles in shooting action! Click "continue" to watch the video!  

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The Red Knights Gauntlets

The Red Knight’s Gauntlets

Fresh off the armourer’s forge!

Miles’ new gauntlets – ┬áthe ones he imagines the Red Knight as wearing, copied from an original pair. Metal by Jiri Klipac of the Czech Republick, correct leather gloved all hand sewn by Karl Robinson of the UK.

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A new mysterious figure....(illustrated by Dmitry Bondarenko)

The Messenger

Look inside this post to read a web-exclusive chapter from “The Red Knight”

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At the Burned Lands 1

At The Burned Lands

A whole album of people living in pouring rain at freezing temperatures in the North. it's not just the animals that make the Wild FRIGHTENING!     For the full gallery of image [...]

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Picture 1

Master Swordsman Guy Windsor on “The Red Knight”

Historical novels and films are bedeviled by historical pedants (like me) whose enjoyment of the drama can be completely ruined by small errors of fact or interpretation. I am often asked to recommend [...]

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Swordfighting in Action

The Green Squire fighting in armour on the left--Messire Craig Shackleton on the right. Messire Craig uses a German style based on Johannes Liechtenauer (1389) and Talhoffer, while the Green Squir [...]

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Countdown to The Fell Sword

UK Release December 19th