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It’s all True!

It’s all true. I am Miles Cameron as well as being Christian Cameron. People who want to talk to me should come and talk on the Agora Forum on my other site HIPPIES

There’s now topics for fantasy and for the way history and fantasy relate.
Why am I writing fantasy novels? Two reasons. First, it is what I have read for forty years or so. I love fantasy, and have since my mum read me the Hobbit at age five. Second, I do actually like to say things, and Fantasy, like Sci-Fi, is a genre the is also a bully pulpit. In my fantasy stories, I can say some things that don’t fit exactly in history. Sometimes those things are almost banal (like, how easily the West might have saved the Byzantine Empire) and some are ethical (like, that I don’t actually believe that grim, evil characters who are ‘gritty’ actually accomplish much in any world, because they have no friends, no allies and no way to train…because no one likes them!). I can also design my world to fit my own notions–and have been doing so since i first played D+D in 1977…
But History remains the backbone. What else can we describe, except experience? And a good deal of this site, for newcomers, is about the way we (my friends and I) experience reenacting and the past through martial and domestic arts. Or to paraphrase one of my younger sword students ‘we camp with swords.’ Yes, we do.
At any rate, over the next month, Hippeis will be updated to reflect my status as an historical and a fantasy writer and I hope I won’t lose any old friends while I welcome some new ones. Thanks for visiting. Welcome aboard.

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Publication Delay

With Regret–Gollanz has pushed publication of Fell Sword to 30 January 2014, and Orbit US has moved publication to March 11 2014. This has entirely to do with printer delivery issues and I swear to every one of you that the book is done–and has been done for many months… done, edited, copy edited and page-proofed. My deepest apologies for the delay–I’m eager for everyone to read ‘The Fell Sword.’ – Miles Cameron

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Miles Shooting!

Can You Shoot an Arrow Through an Epic Fantasy Novel?

Watch Miles in shooting action! Click "continue" to watch the video!  

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The Red Knight Book Launch in Toronto

This Saturday January 19th at 3pm meet author Miles Cameron at Bakka Pheonix Books at 84 Harbord Street in Toronto for the launch of “The Red Knight”

We hope to See you there!

There will be armour! And Cake!

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A new mysterious figure....(illustrated by Dmitry Bondarenko)

The Messenger

Look inside this post to read a web-exclusive chapter from “The Red Knight”

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Countdown to The Fell Sword

UK Release December 19th